Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

FACT prides itself as being a mechanism for empowerment and transformation. Our goal is to facilitate business to put economic development at the forefront of getting gender equality in Africa. There is a need for Black females to build an economic network and allow that to be a catalyst for change and social improvement. We are actively addressing this through education; upskilling and training initiatives as well as directly empowering women-owned businesses via the provision of financial and business development support services.

Telco Techie

FACT has embarked on several empowerment programmes like the Telco Techie programme, to assist with transformation objectives within the ICT industry and aimed at addressing the shortage of skilled female technicians in South Africa. The Telco Techie Program facilitates the training and development (empowerment) of the Learners’ skills, particularly in high-growth areas of the ICT Industry. The programme encourages females to pursue careers in engineering, science and technology by facilitating access to educational information, career opportunities, academic and extra-mural learning programmes.
As an extension of this long-term view as another example, training opportunities were created for 12 young Electrical Engineers, increasing their work experience to gain career opportunities after completion of on-the-job training.

Ability Beyond Disability

People with Disabilities form between 4-6% of our population (Stats SA). Many barriers, such as widespread ignorance and stereotypes, have caused people with disabilities to be unfairly discriminated against in society and in employment. Through our support and sponsorships towards Socio – Economic development, we realized we could add more value towards persons with disabilities (PWD) then just monetary. With FACT’s experiences we identified the opportunity to utilise the full potential of our team and the skills of persons with disabilities to promoting independence for PWD through Employment. Thus establishing the Ability Beyond Disability Programme. Via our specialised Resource Management Division FACT promotes professionals of diversity to its clients, while successfully integrating people with disabilities into the workplace.