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Our Management Support Services range from any Skill and Technology, any Application process, any Management Program, industry specialized maintenance and support services that our existing and new clients can contract for on an on-going basis.

Talent Acquisition

We enable our clients with skilled resources from our broad placement portal to fill short-term personnel shortages during budget and headcount right sizing, restructuring, expansions, training periods and periods of heavy workloads.

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Managed Operations

We enable client’s Managed Technology outsource support of any ICT and/or Engineering technology and operation activities, e.g. planning, design, and implementation of services an infrastructure, as well as the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the client.

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Ecology Management

We enable clients to manage their ICT and Engineering infrastructure IMACD service such as Install, Move, Add, Change, Decommission services

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Managed ICT Field Maintenance

We enable our clients by delivering operations and maintenance activity to undertake a range of operational tasks on infrastructure. The services offers corrective, preventative, planned and adhoc maintenance activities for active and passive infrastructure.

Managed Drive Testing

We enable our clients by providing a managed mobile delivery team complete with vehicles and custom tooling that performs national and international drive tests for Mobile Operator’s using the method of measuring and assessing the coverage, capacity and quality of Service of a mobile radio networks.

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Managed Fleet Services

Using GEOTAB we enable the 360 monitoring of bot fleet vehicles and driver behaviour in accordance with QHSE compliances.

Managed Warehouse and Logistics Management

We operate functional warehouses in key regions. Our warehouses have loading and storage facilities as well office space for disaster recovery and office space for business continuity support. Each warehouse provides End-to-end warehouse management with Facility, Security, Personnel, Stock, Communication services and Processes.

Managed QHSE Services

We enable our clients by providing training, investigation, coordinating and review of Health and Safety compliance. Our services range from audit and vetting gate 1 and Gate 2 readiness, managing sub contractors and teams to Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental standards set by our clients and governed by authorising bodies.

Managed Service Operations Centre (MSOC)

FACT Managed Service Operations Centre is a functional unit made up of a dedicated number of staff responsible for dealing with a variety of business process and service tracking, often reported via telephone calls, web interfaces, or automatically reported via Power BI analytics and reporting dashboards.

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