Future Africa Consulting and Training

We insource and outsource for operational gaps in your business putting you The Customer first where you need them rapidly with scale

Talent Acquisition

We enable our clients with skilled resources from our broad placement portal to fill short-term personnel shortages during budget and headcount right sizing, restructuring, expansions, training periods and periods of heavy workloads.

Business Process Outsourcing

We enable our clients with business transformation on projects needing improvement through process re-engineering, skills development and enablement.

Training and Learning Support Services

We enable our clients with Learning Solutions that provides them with a step-by-step solution to competence development needs with clear links to the business and operational requirements.

Resource development Programs

We enable our clients with empowered learners. Developing the right skills at the right time with the requisite on-the-job trade skills is crucial for client.

Project Support Services

Working in close co-operation with our client’s people and organization, we enable our clients with knowledge and competence in planning, organizing, manage risks, monitoring and controlling the projects throughout the entire project phases.

Field Force Support Services

We enable clients with highly trained and technically qualified Field Service technicians that work under the supervision of the clients Network Operations Centre (NOC) to ensure the clients performance needs.

Operations and Maintenance Support

We enable our clients with qualified engineers and/or technicians who are specialists in engineering, telecommunications and ICT trade-skills needed to perform operational activities tailored to the client’s service delivery needs of Cell Site Infrastructure.

NOC Support Services

We enable our clients with Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) skills who manage service operation centre tasks such as resolution for escalated cases, track SLA parameters, perform fault trending analysis, and provide fault management and fault isolation activities.

Network Planning & Optimisation

We enable our clients by meeting day-to-day performance improvement standards and delivering the optimum method of capacity planning and improvements through the current infrastructure.

Site Audits

We enable our clients by providing a thorough inventory analysis, visiting a site to verify the hardware, software and life-cycle audits of site infrastructure and personnel quality standards. Audit and Benchmarking service covers on-site or remote auditing and analysis of service and infrastructure performance with the presentation of benchmarking reports

Passive Intermodulation Testing (PIM)

We enable our clients by delivering infrastructure and engineering integrity testing by performing sweeping measures and construction quality of telecommunications infrastructure.

Configuration Management

We enable our clients when a network needs repair, modification, expansion or upgrading software and hardware configurations.

Software Life-cycle management

We enable clients with foftware deployment Preparation whether to upgrade existing systems, build a new software appliance configuration or extend the existing appliance with a new one based on a equipment supplier software release,

ICT Support Services

We enable our clients by implementing real-time IT infrastructure, IoT and applications technology to support ERP, supply chain, security, product development and delivery, customer care, sales, and billing using skills in Python, Blockchain, artificial intelligence, data science, robotic processing .

Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental Management Support

Using our ISO 9001 standards we enable our clients by way of of reducing risks associated with project quality, vetting and implementing with compliance of Health and Safety standards. Our compliance officers also assist clients with managing their sub-contractors on site.

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