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Mozambique - One of our toughest campaigns to date

Our drive testing team recently conducted a campaign in Mozambique, which proved to be one of the toughest yet rewarding experiences. The purpose of the drive testing campaign was to assess the mobile network coverage in Mozambique and provide our clients with insights to optimize their network.

Maputo to Inhambane Map

The team measured Maputo right up to Inhambane covering Chibuto and other neighboring areas. Throughout the campaign, our team encountered various challenges, including getting stuck multiple times due to the harsh conditions of the roads. However, we persevered and were able to complete our mission successfully. We utilized our specialized equipment, which allowed us to capture and analyze the network coverage data accurately.

The most challenging aspect of the campaign was navigating through the roads. The roads in Mozambique are not only difficult to drive on, but they are also full of potholes and are often unpaved. Our team had to carefully plan our routes and be prepared for any obstacles that we may encounter. Despite the difficulties, we managed to cover a large area and collect valuable data that was instrumental in improving the network coverage in the country.

Mozambique Drive testing view
Mozambique roads for drive testing

Our team was composed of experienced professionals who were well-equipped to handle any challenge that came their way. They worked tirelessly to ensure that our clients received accurate and reliable data. In the end, our efforts paid off, and we were able to provide our clients with insights that enabled them to optimize their network and improve the mobile experience for their customers.

In conclusion, our drive testing campaign in Mozambique was a challenging yet rewarding experience. Despite the difficulties that we encountered, we managed to complete our mission successfully and provide our clients with valuable insights. We are proud of our team’s commitment and dedication, and we are confident that our services will prove invaluable to any client seeking to optimize their network coverage.